Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.
-Earl Nightingale



A life-long lover of learning and creativity, Sonya believes that every life experience has the capacity to teach us more about ourselves and the world around us. She incorporates this philosophy into her writing and laces it with artistic flair, exploring the emotions behind the experiences. Her stories are witty and soulful, focused on understanding the human condition, yet displaying her love for a good plot twist. She blends elements of romance, mystery, or crime into her upmarket fiction, while asking thought-provoking questions. Perhaps it is her background in teaching, or her study of personality types and counseling, but she writes to better understand people, and, in so doing, she connects with readers who long for the same.

Sonya’s journey into writing was a long time coming. After being told in high school she was “too smart for art,” she spent a great deal of time avoiding anything creative. After stumbling onto photography, she finally gave herself permission to explore her artistic nature. This lead to an Associates Degree in Theatre, painting sales spanning the globe, and, at last, a writing career. She is a published poet, has written and produced two teen musicals, was a contributing author in a motivational devotional, and worked as a staff writer for a local magazine in Kirkland, Washington. She is currently working on a compilation of short stories and a novel, both for publication. She writes so that, much like Thomas Williams, she “won’t die before [she’s] dead.” For her, writing is a way of making sense of the world around her and of celebrating the good in it.

Sonya is a member of Hugo House in Seattle, a member of the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association, and has a degree in English-Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She spent most of her life in the Dallas, Texas area, but currently calls Kirkland, Washington home. There, she is intoxicated by an unfathomable love of evergreens, lakes, and ferries. She loves travel, a really good cup of tea, an eloquently crafted sentence, and the wonder that is single malt Scotch.